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oh what to do?
Canoeing on a quiet mountain lake?
Mountain Biking along the Snake River?
Wildlife Viewing? Photography?
Fly Fishing? Golf?
Shopping? Tennis?
Wait! We forgot Rock Climbing!! 

You could spend weeks here and not run out of things to see and do.

A few wonderful ideas on how to spend your vacation in Jackson Hole

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A Fantastic Seven-Day Summer Vacation

Oh those lazy days of summer!!
Arrival Day.....Whether you drive or fly into Jackson Hole, the scenery will be fantastic! The Grand Teton Mountain Range is visible from all over the valley. Beautiful wildflowers, rivers, streams, lakes and mountains all await you. Be sure to check out airline prices for Idaho Falls, Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah...sometimes much less expensive and an easy drive.

You will be greeted at the Wildflower Inn with fresh squeezed lemonade, iced tea and freshly baked treats. After a welcoming visit and a chance to relax in your beautiful room or on your private deck, we can help you plan your week. You might want to take a casual drive up the Moose-Wilson Road to view the wildlife or perhaps head into the town of Jackson to wander the quaint streets. The "Shoot-Out" at 6 PM is an old time Jackson Hole tradition...complete with stagecoach and the required cowboys...many perched on roof tops.  A real old time show. The galleries and shops are fun and are all located around the charming Town Square. Be sure to drop into the Cowboy Bar for a look and a beverage....(we won't tell you the secrets of this will see for yourselves!) You can have dinner at many of our wonderful restaurants from 4 star experiences to the local award winning beer pub...all casual. (You will see guests in hiking shorts and boots dining at the Snake River Grill.) After a pleasant evening, you will want to return to the Inn to relax in the living area, the plant filled solarium or sit on your deck and enjoy the night sky, full of brilliant stars. (Daylight is from about 5AM to 10 PM)

Day 2...After a wonderful breakfast, we suggest that you spend your first full day in Grand Teton National Park. We have day packs and trekking poles for you to borrow and suggest taking a picnic lunch. A great first day experience is to drive up the Moose-Wilson Road through the former Rockefeller Ranch to the main entrance of Grand Teton National Park. (You might choose to stop at the Lawrence Rockefeller Preserve along the way....a beautiful Center designed personally by Lawrence Rockefeller and limited to 50 cars at one time.)  A gorgeous walk to Phelps Lake also starts here. 

We also recommend the boat ride (15 minutes) across Jenny Lake and the hike up to Hidden Falls and perhaps beyond to Cascade Canyon. If hiking (more like walking on some trails) is not your "thing" we recommend an excursion with Eco-Tours or a first class wildlife Safari. You can easily enjoy the entire day in this area. On the way home you may want to stop for a drink or snack at Dornan's...where you will see a drop dead view of the Grand Tetons. After this full day and a relaxing few hours back at the Wildflower, you may want to pick a special restaurant for a leisurely dinner.

Day 3....How about some adventure today? We recommend a white water rafting trip down the Snake River. This is great fun and not scary. All of our guests get out of the raft and want to go again! We like the smaller rafts that you can help paddle...more fun! This would be a great night to grab some bar-b-que in Jackson and attend the Rodeo...this is a real rodeo with real cowboys. These guys are here two times a week from the ranches and the rodeo circuit to earn as much money as they can. These guys love all animals and this is a great event.  

Day 4....How about some more hiking today? Perhaps a longer hike up to the base of the Grand Teton or a shorter hike (3 miles round trip) to a pristine mountain lake? Or perhaps connect with a park ranger and take a free nature walk and learn about the area and the animals. This is a great day to make the loop all around the park and view the terrific mountain views and see all of the different lakes. Jackson Lake Lodge is a perfect stop for a milkshake! The Indian Museum at Colter Bay is fantastic! A very special activity is to take the last scenic float ride down the Snake River. You will float at the base of the mountains and watch the sunset. (This is a different stretch of the river from the White Water trip)

Day 5...You would not want to miss horseback riding and we have the BEST outfitter in the valley! No matter if you are a novice or an expert, you will love this ride up a mountainside with the valley spreading out below with the mountains encircling you. Your guides will be some of the same cowboys you saw at the rodeo. How about some music tonight? You may choose to attend one of the famous concerts at the Grand Teton Music Festival (just 5 minutes from the Inn) or perhaps you would like to two step it at one of  the local bars and hear some authentic western music.  

Day 6...Your last full day...oh what to do? Canoeing on a quiet mountain lake? Mountain Biking along the Snake River? Wildlife Viewing? Photography? Fly Fishing? Golf? Shopping? Tennis? Wait! We forgot Rock Climbing!! You could spend another week and not run out of things to see and do. You may even want to get up at sunrise (we will pack you a picnic breakfast) and drive to Yellowstone for the day.   

Day 7...Departure day. After a fond goodbye to everyone you have met at the Inn, we recommend a last trip to the Town of Jackson, pick up some great artwork and gifts. This is a perfect time to visit the Museum of Wildlife Art on the way to the airport....great western art and a world class building. See you next summer! or how about winter!

See Summer Activities for a list of more things to see and do…


 Off-Season Wonders...for those with a sense of adventure

    The National Parks do not open until the first of April is for those travelers who want to see Jackson Hole in the very off season. Most everything is closed. The Jackson Hole Ski Resort closes the first weekend in April and many restaurants and lodges close for a few weeks. There are still things to enjoy, but you have to realize that you will have to "go with the flow". It could be snowing or it could be sunny. There will be too much snow to hike and too little to ski...but you can still enjoy the area and the Town of Jackson and the locals will help you have a great time!!

    May is a lovely month, with spring just beginning to erupt. In early May not all activities will be up and running yet and there will still be snow high in the mountains. This is a great month to see Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks with all of the wildlife emerging from winter with their young. Mid-May to Mid-June is prime time to view the elk with their young and the wolves and grizzlies in Yellowstone. There will be few tourists and this is a great time to come if you have a sense of adventure and like to avoid the summer bustle.

    October  is still one of my favorite times of year. The absolute best time to see Yellowstone. The hotels are closing in the parks and there are few people, but the scenery and animals are wonderful!! Imagine looking at views in solitude where only a few weeks ago there were hundreds of tourists! Many of the summer activities are over but you will not run out of things to do. You may see a snowstorm, but it passes and melts quickly. Usually it is still Indian Summer with great days and cool nights. The National Parks  close on October 31 until mid-December.


A Winter Vacation for the "Die-Hard" Skier or for the non-skier

Arrival Day.....This is the perfect day to "take care of business". Check into The Wildflower Inn, visit the Jackson Hole Ski Resort at Teton Village, rent the hottest demo skis available or rent powder skis for the next day. Make sure that your own skis are tuned up and the bindings checked. We recommend a day with the Ski Guides from the Jackson Hole Ski will get a tour of the area and see more than you ever could on your own. This is a huge mountain. If you are a more intermediate hard core skier, consider a private ski lesson and go home a GREAT skier! If you have children traveling with you, sign them into "Kid's Corral" at the ski area for the little ones and let the others join the pre-teen and teen programs offered through the ski school. They will have a blast! This would be the time to check out the Mangy Moose and watch the skiers take their last run of the day and have a relaxing beverage. Have a wonderful dinner near the Inn and hit the hot tub and dream of fantastic skiing.

Day 2....Head for the ski area following a wonderful is only a 5 minute drive and the parking is easy. Enjoy your day and have a great time on this fantastic mountain. After skiing and afternoon nibbles and a hot shower, you might want to head for the Town of Jackson and wander through the wonderful shops, galleries and restaurants. We have menus at the Inn and can help you with reservations at some of our favorites.  

Day 3....Wow!  Another great day on the mountain! You might consider booking a dinner sleigh ride for this evening....a wonderful ride up to a hidden mountain cabin with a great dinner too. 

Day 4....This will be your 3rd day of skiing and this is the best day to consider a light or "off" day on the mountain. More people are injured on this day due to fatigue. So, no matter what kind of shape you are in, this is a good rest day of some sorts. Maybe a later start, an early finish, an afternoon exploring the town of Jackson or perhaps borrow some snowshoes from the Inn and wander along the snake river.  This is also a great afternoon to visit the National Wildlife Museum and take a sleigh ride on the Elk Refuge...home to 10,000,elk, a dozen bison and a few wolves looking for an easy snack.  A great dinner and maybe some country western dancing at the cowboy bar would be fun. You might also enjoy a movie at a nearby theatre, a play or concert....always something going on!   

Day 5....You will be raring to go again. If we have fresh powder, you might want to check into Heli skiing or perhaps "cat" skiing at Grand Targhee. This is a great area about 1 hour from Jackson. You can either drive or take the "Targhee Express". If you decide to ski at the Jackson Hole Ski Resort, you can hire a guide to take you "Out of Bounds"  for a truly exciting powder experience. Only the hottest guides are allowed to take clients to these favorite areas known only by the locals. If you have more energy, night skiing at Snow King in the Town of Jackson is lots of fun under the lights. Great fun if you have never done can see amazingly well. 

Day 6....This will be your last day if you are only staying a many decisions. Another day of skiing or perhaps a dog sled trip for a change of pace? Or how about cross-country skiing in Grand Teton National Park? Or maybe a snowmobile trip into the Gros Ventre Wilderness?  

Day 7....Everyone thinks that they will ski a half day on this last day of their vacation, but let me tell you a secret, this seldom happens. So this is a good day to relax, have a leisurely morning, buy a few gifts in Jackson for everyone at home, have a nice lunch and  maybe browse a few galleries. And of course, begin to dream of your next Jackson Hole Vacation!


A Winter Vacation for the Non-Skier

Many of our guests never put on downhill skis, there is so much to see and do!!

Arrival Day....After checking into the Wildflower Inn and trying some of our wonderful homemade cookies and hot cider, you might want to explore the Town of Jackson. Here you will find great shops, galleries, restaurants and museums. We have extra fleece hats and gloves for you to borrow, but this might be the time to stock up on some "long johns" or an extra sweater or two. We can help you find a great restaurant to celebrate the beginning of a wonderful vacation. When you return to the Inn that evening we will help you plan your week and check out what you might want or need to really enjoy "Winter".

Day 2....Wildlife viewing is fantastic in Jackson Hole and many of our guests will take advantage of  Eco-Tours or the Wildlife Expedition Safaris' for the day. You will get a tour of the area, see lots of animals and learn about Jackson Hole. This is a world class experience. Of course, you can also choose to stay at the Inn and watch the moose nibble on the willows!! In all, this is a great day to explore the area. Winter driving is easy in Jackson, the roads are flat and well maintained.

Day 3....This would be a great day to take a Snowshoe Hike, either on your own, with our direction or with Hole Hiking, a great guide service. We have snowshoes and poles for you to borrow and can give you directions to a variety of beautiful spots to walk.  Snowshoes are very light and easy to handle, unlike the old time barrel shaped ones that you see in the old time photos. Or you might choose to try cross-country skiing, no experience necessary, you can just glide along and will catch on very quickly. Grand Teton National Park would be a perfect spot to try this fun sport.

Day 4....For a great adventure, our guests LOVE Dog Sledding. You can either sit in the basket or actually "mush" the dogs yourselves. The owners and the dogs are wonderful and the dogs love to pull the sled. This is great fun for them and they love to run in the snow. You can make a whole day of this and the guide will serve you lunch at a remote mountain lodge or at a yurt in the woods...both are great. This is a highlight for our guests.

Day 5....Today you might want to laze around, perhaps read in front of the fire, visit the National Wildlife Museum and take a sleigh ride out among the elk on the National Elk Refuge (home to 10,000 elk and a few wolves, mountain lions and bison). Perhaps for some fun exercise you might want to rent some ice skates and visit either one of our indoor or outdoor rinks...or you could borrow a sled or two from us and we will point you to some good sledding hills.

Day 6....Snowmobiling is one of the hottest sports in Jackson Hole and the guides take you to some of the most beautiful areas that you will ever experience. You will pick up the technique quickly and have tons of fun. This is can be a full or half day experience.

Day 7....Your last day, by now you will know your way around all of the area, so you might take a drive past the airport to Dornan's to take in one last view of the Teton Mountains before boarding your plane. And of course, you will begin to dream of a summer vacation in Jackson Hole with hiking, whitewater rafting, fishing......

See Winter Activities icon for a list of more things to see and do…


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